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   About Labrador Health

Picture of a black labrador sitting (Woody)

The purpose of Labrador Health is to promote responsible Labrador breeding, irrespective of whether your pup is for working or show purposes, or simply a beloved family pet. The idea for labrador health came about as a result of the experiences of Charlie, the Bionic Pup, and is a tribute to the resilience and determination of him and his family.

Who are We?

We are a group of people trying to raise awareness of the need to buy puppies from health checked stock. We are not vets, or Geneticists, we are simply passionate about labs with knowledge ranging from extensive breeding / showing & working experience, to those whose beloved pets have been personally affected by poor breeding practices. Then there are those of us in between who have fallen in love with the breed, and are horrified at some of the breeding practices they have encountered.

We would like to thank Diana Stevens of Wylanbriar Labradors and John Weller for their  outstanding knowledge and invaluable contribution to the lab-health site

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