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What Health Tests should my pups parents have?

When choosing any puppy, it is vital that you undertake your research to find out what health tests are required before visiting the breeder.  Labrador Health covers those health tests that should be undertaken on Labradors used in breeding;  it is VITAL  you ensure these health tests have been done BEFORE you going to see the puppies.  It is too easy once you are there to be swept along on a sea of romanticism without thinking of the long term practicalities or potential impact on your family and the dog. NEVER be tempted to take any puppy because you feel sorry for it.

It is important to point out that buying from health tested parents significantly reduces the risk of future problems, it does not however provide a health guarantee.  Your breeder should also give you guidance on early joint management for your new puppy to further reduce any risks.

Information for ALL conditions is now on-line




Hip Scores
Clear Eye Certificate

Optigen PRA testing

Elbow Scores




We would like to thank Diana Stevens (Wylanbriar Labradors) and John Weller for their input, help and support in putting together this section

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